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Rent My Flat was started to help home owners rent out their spare granny flat, house, unit apartment or any other free dwelling.


Since its start in 2014, Rent My Flat has become a major destination for people wanting to rent a granny flat, and of course for people with properties to rent out.


Our premise is simple. Provide a cheap and simple place where owners and renters can find a match. With Rent My Flat, everybody wins!


Joey, the founder of Rent My Flat has been in the building industry for years, and has been asked over and over, "How do I rent out my flat?" Looking around he realised that there were few options online - and most of them were pricey. Some even charged the users to view the available listings

At Rent My Flat, we want to change that. We don’t take any commission for filling your rental property. It is listed until taken down, and all users can view the listings without charge. Simple!


If you are looking to rent out your property, try Rent My Flat. It's fast, simple cost effective and friendly.


At Rent My Flat we want your experience with us to be simple and painless. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us  or view our FAQ page.

Customer Testimonials

“ Thank you for such excellent service! I had a flat in my house which I simply used for storage. After reading how simple it is to list on Rent My Granny Flat, I gave it a go - and now I have $200 per week, rolling in like clockwork. I love it! ”
- Rex Black

Customer Testimonials

“ After extensive research, I have finally managed to find a granny flat which I am currently renting with my husband. The best part is it only took three easy steps through the rent my flat website. Thanks to for making the process so quick and simple. I couldn’t be happier! ”
- Sandra S. Melbourne AU

Customer Testimonials

“ After discovering how easy it was to list my granny flat for rent through this site, I decided to finally give it a go. Now thanks to Rent My Flat I easily get $450 a fortnight! Thank you! ”
- Allana G.

Customer Testimonials

“ My partner and I have been looking for a place to move into for a while now but everything exceeded our budget. Luckily my friend recommended Rent My Flat, because not only have we finally settled into a flat for only $250 per week, it was fully furnished too. Most importantly, the whole process from beginning to end was short and simple. Thank you Rent My Flat – life savers!  ”
- Laura A

Customer Testimonials

“ We all know living in an expensive city like Sydney is challenging, so imagine trying to find a house close to the city with a FAMILY… almost impossible! But luckily, I stumbled across Rent My Flat. This site had solved the problem, as I have found the perfect home for my family, close to the city and at an affordable price. Thank you so much for the excellent service! I will recommend rent my flat for everyone!!! ”
- Dionne S

Customer Testimonials

“ My wife and I have both retired, sold our house and thought it was time to just rent a granny flat. All thanks to the site Rent My Flat, the process was so easy and without any extra commissions and surprising fees. ”
- Joseph L